The Other Auxiliaries & Cumamn na mBan


Today at 3pm I will be giving a paper to the Women’s History Association of Ireland conference to commemorate the Centenary of the Irishwomen’s republican organisation, Cumann na mBan.

My paper specifically will focus on the British governments attempts to fight against the support which the insurgency in Ireland was getting from Cumann na mBan members, specifically by using Policewen as Lady Police Searchers.

About eamonntgardiner

Dr. Eamonn T. Gardiner, is a Consulting Historian. He has previously conducted research into links between wartime traumatic-neurosis and evidence of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) amongst veterans of the First World War serving as Auxiliary Policemen, during the Anglo-Irish War 1919-1921. He has written extensively on British central and colonial administrative responses to popular insurgencies. In 2009 he published 'Counterinsurgency and Conflict: Dublin Castle and the Anglo-Irish War (CSP, 2009).' Published papers include; 'The training of the Irish Volunteers, 1913-1916' (The Irish Sword, 2017); 'Scattered, Ambushed and Laid Out: War and Counterinsurgency in the greater Tuam area, 1919-1921' (JOTS, 2015). Research interests include De-Colonialisation/Post-Colonialism; Insurgency, Police/Military Histories; Institutional Histories; Modern Irish/World History; History of Conflict, Protectorates and Peace-Keeping; Hegemony; Old and New Terrorism.
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4 Responses to The Other Auxiliaries & Cumamn na mBan

  1. Nina Boyd says:

    I hope this paper went well, Eamonn! Best wishes, Nina

  2. Nina Boyd says:

    Hello, Eamonn! Thought you might like to know that Mary Allen will be featured in a BBC4 programme in the near future about 100 years of women policing. Not sure when it will be shown, but I am filming on Thursday!
    Hope all is well with you, best wishes, Nina

    • Hi Nina, that’s fantastic! Well done! Please feel absolutely free to give me a plug if you like! But if there’s anything I cam help you with please just mail me and I’ll do my level best to help you out. Found out some more fascinating stuff in Kew recently!

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