Israeli plaque removed after attacks

Historical Place Marker for the birthplace of Chaim Herzog

Historical Place Marker for the birthplace of Chaim Herzog


Israeli plaque removed after attacks


Belfast is a funny city.


I mean in 90% of Northern Ireland (and by extension, Ulster), the Orange Order organises reasonably decent commemorative events for Loyal men and women to commemorate the Battle of the Boyne (although there is some dispute over whether or not it was really a as decisive a victory as it has been claimed…but I digress). But in Belfast, with its hardened attitudes, parades are incredibly contentious issues.


So when nationalists sought to commemorate the sacrifice of the hunger-strikers recently, the loyalist community had no desire to allow such a march to pass unscathed. And so followed PSNI riot gear, armoured cars, fireworks, etc etc.


But what is most interesting about all of this is the fact that at these parades, non-traditional flags have started to be flown. At first it was the nationalists supporting Gaza and the Palestinians as they identified with the minority community being subjugated by the larger and more powerful Israeli state. But this in turn led to the Loyalist community marching with their own support flag, that of the Star of David, the national flag of Israel.


Now one must ask oneself, do Loyalists truly believe in the Right of Return, in the deep seated need to pray at the Wailing Wall, or the rights of the settlers in Kibbutzen? They probably don’t, but they do know that the Palestinians don’t like the Israelis and anything the Nationalists like, the Loyalists must hate in turn.


One wonders what they both think of regarding oxygen, food and water…..the dreaded compromise surely!


So with this new found pro-and-anti-Semitism sweeping Belfast, it comes as little surprise that the thugs (those who can read at least) have targeted any public support for the state of Israel, even any acknowledgement of its existence, however tenuous. Regrettably this has even come to include blue heritage disks denoting the birthplace of historical figures like the late Chaim Herzog, Israeli President, whose family was born at Cliftonpark  Avenue, Belfast in  1918 and who emmigrated to Israel at a young age. Despite Herzog’s record of unfailing support for the state of Israel (right or wrong), surely a place-marker to a man long dead (and even longer departed from his birthplace) should remain above matters.



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I am a PhD Student at the National University of Ireland, Galway. I am conducting research into links between wartime traumatic-neurosis and evidence of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder amongst British First World War veterans serving as Auxiliary Policemen in Ireland during the Anglo-Irish War 1919-1921. I have previously conducted research into local Irish Volunteer/Old IRA units in Munster as well as British responses to popular insurgencies in areas they administered. I have previously published a book on the British Counterinsurgency responses to the IV/IRA conflict in Ireland, 1919-1921, entitled 'Dublin Castle and the Anglo-Irish War: Counter Insurgency and Conflict.' I have also published papers on various aspects of that war and also on other insurgencies. I write a regular blog on those and other related matters, which can be read at My research interests include Feminism and De-Colonialisation/Post-Colonialism, Insurgency, Police and Military Histories, Institutional Histories. Subaltern Studies, International History of the 20th Century, Modern Irish History, Historiography, History of Conflict, Peace Keeping/Enforcement/Protectorates, Spheres of Influence, Hegemonic Theories, Old and New Terrorism.
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