October 1920: British Murder Gang brings terror to Manor Street

http://entertainment.ie/tv/display.asp?channelid=81&programme=&programme_day=03+May+2015&programme_time=time6&submit=Search RTE One have acquired the rights to broadcast the ‘Who Do You Think You Are?’ episode with the great Irish Comedian Brendan O’Carroll. I have worked on the historical research on this episode and can heartily recommend it to my readers. This is a great article by another blogger regarding the murder and those suspected of involvement, as background information for those interested in watching. The programme airs on RTE ONE, Sunday 3 May, 2015, at 09:30 p.m.


At 1.50am on Saturday 16th October 1920 Peter O’Carroll and his wife Annie were awoken by a heavy and ominous knock on the front door of their home at 92 Manor Street. Mr. O’Carroll rose from his bed and reached for his trousers and stockings. A night-time military curfew was in place in Dublin and the family was becoming accustomed to such late night intrusions.

Peter O'Carroll Peter O’Carroll

The O’Carroll home was a target of British army raids over the preceding weeks as the war between the British state and the IRA intensified. Two of the O’Carroll’s seven children were members of the IRA: Liam was Adjutant of the 1st Battalion of the Dublin Brigade, while Peter Jnr was a member of ‘A’ Company of the same Battalion.

Days previously, on 11th October, at ‘Fernside’ in Drumcondra two renowned IRA volunteers from Tipperary, Dan Breen and Seán Treacy, had shot their…

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