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High and…Mighty?

  The trouble in taking the high moral ground, in being the bigger person, is quite frankly, that it sucks. The platitudes we preach to our children, that it’s important to turn the other cheek and walk away from potential … Continue reading

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As British as the Irish themselves

Recently, in conversation with a colleague, I remarked upon a concept which I felt was pretty straightforward. Cut and dry even. That as part of the British home islands, pre-independence Ireland was disproportionally policed. Now it was, there is no … Continue reading

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Nationwide Once Again

Last night rté, Ireland’s national television station, broadcast the first of three shows dedicated to the tensions and histories of the men and women who gave their lives in what would become known as the First World War.  The Nationwide programme … Continue reading

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An Irishman’s Diary on Hubert Gough, an enigmatic general

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College prepared to return NI tapes

College prepared to return NI tapes A very worrying possible direction for archival material. Regrettably the highly emotive case of the McConvilles could ignite passions concerning the keeping of incindiary archival records. The difficulty for historians and especially historians … Continue reading

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